STYLY Participates in First-ever Unity Connect Career Fair 2018

STYLY was one of over a dozen companies recruiting at Unity Connect’s first ever Networking & Recruiting Mixer which was held in San Francisco during GDC on March 21st.  
Over 500 professionals and job seekers from around the world gathered at this 3-hour event, where they were able to expand their network, knowledge, and professional connections.  STYLY is now particularly looking to hire experienced Unity developers in order to continue developing and implementing new features into its VR editor - - which is currently in public beta.



STYLY public beta was launched in August 2017, its Unity plugin in October at Unite Austin, and STYLY has gradually rolled out more and more features including its recent camera function and gallery site.  As you check back in within the coming weeks and months, there will be even more new features and updates, perhaps created with the help of programmers and Unity developers actually recruited from this Unity Connect event.  

Other companies which attended the mixer include: Pocket Gems, Vuforia, Microsoft, Telltale Games, Magic Leap, Ubisoft, Niantic Labs, Cruise Automation, Big Fish Games, Glu Mobile, Playstudios, and Baobab Studios.



Unity Connect also has over four thousand job posts and three thousand companies hiring on its website.  So, if you are a 3D or 2D artist, programmer, game designer, animator, machine learning specialist, Unity developer, producer, VR/AR developer, or company looking to hire, and did not have the chance to attend the Networking & Recruiting Mixer last month, you can still access this online community and network for free anytime.

It is also a great place to quickly and easily showcase and share your Unity projects.  Simply login and it automatically syncs with your Unity account from which you can click on which projects to upload.  There are already over 35,000 created projects currently on Unity Connect.

STYLY is currently hiring for the following positions:
●    Unity developer
●    Business development manager
●    Data analyst

If interested, please contact hiring manager Nausharwan Mir at


STYLY is a cloud and browser-based VR development tool and distribution platform developed by Psychic VR Lab.  It allows its users to explore and share their imaginations by building VR content without any coding or downloads.  Thousands of assets exist within STYLY and more can be imported from 10+ other tools such as Maya, Blender, and Unity.

official site:

To learn more or for inquiries, please visit or contact:

Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer/Head of USA
1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Cloud and Browser-based VR dev tool STYLY opens gallery site; Experience and Share thousands of VR works

STYLY, a cloud and browser-based service for developing virtual reality (VR) content, has released ‘STYLY Gallery (’ which is a place where users can share and experience each other’s works.

It offers more than 1,000 VR scenes in forms such as  music videos, art and fashion exhibitions, and visual storytelling.   Not only can you experience them, but you can share your own creations with other creators from around the world via STYLY Gallery.


How to experience in VR:
Step 1: Access ‘STYLY Gallery (  )’
Step 2: Click on the VR scene that you like
Step 3: Click the HMD icon in the bottom-right corner
Step 4: Dive into VR!

※To experience the VR scene, you also need to download STYLY VR VIEWER (

VR Camera Function



A camera function has also  been  implemented, which now allows users to take photos from within their VR scene and then within seconds share those photos online by posting them to the Gallery.

The photos taken from within VR are automatically saved in the STYLY VR VIEWER ( under the ‘My Photos’ tab. Users can then select which photos they want to post to the gallery site.

Users can also share the photos on Twitter or Facebook with a simple click from the STYLY Gallery page (

Let’s become VR photographers, and share our pictures with the world.

WebView is ready

To allow people who do not have a VR headset to also enjoy VR content, WebView audiovisual is now available. You can view scenes in WebView by clicking on the cube icon in the bottom-right corner of each page on STYLY Gallery.

 About  STYLY

STYLY, developed by Japan’s Psychic VR Lab, is a cloud and browser-based service for creating and distributing high quality, beautiful VR content without any coding.  Through drag-and-drop or importing from 10+ tools such as Blender, Maya, and Sketchup, users can build and share worlds that stretch the limits of the imagination and actual reality.

To learn more or for inquiries, please visit or contact:

Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer/Head of USA
1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

STYLY VR Distribution Platform take apart in Geek WeeK Pakistan

STYLY VR Distribution Platform engaged in activity as key role in the Pakistan VR Industry

Pakistan, Punjab Lahore: March 3rd ~ 4th, 2018 STYLY VR Distribution Platform is leading VR specialist company with their Brand called “STYLY” is leading VR company in Pakistan. It is  contributing the Pakistan IT industry and youth and motivational activities such as establishing of VR Lab with modern VR devices and STYLY Technology. Which enhance the Pakistan economy. STYLY is aiming to support Pakistan talent to participate in Global IT Market as of most young populated country in the world. The estimated Pakistan population is 210 million with 60% of youth.

Geek Week Pakistan 2018: Geek week is organised by FAST University and the student organization ACM-NUCES with the major sponsor STYLY.

What is STYLY? STYLY, is a web browser application based on cloud service. Where, you do not need any technical skills such as coding. Just drag and drop of 3D objects. You can easily distribute your VR Contents by publishing via STYLY. Also you are not required any high end laptop for developing the VR contents.

How STYLY BENEFICIAL? You can import contents from different 3D Models and 3D engines such as unity, maya, blender, tilt brush, etc.

STYLY is supportable with upto ten major 3D engine/model tools;





STYLY multi-HMDs support: STYLY is compatible with HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, DayDream, Gear VR, and Windows Mixed Reality.

How to become STYLY member:
Sign up for free:

Developer can register the STYLY account for free in 2 mins by entering the email address and user names.

Geek Week Activities:

FAST NUCES The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences is the private sector university, started with an impressive efforts of the Foundation FAST, its has five computer science institutes located at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Chiniot-Faisalabad, in spacious buildings.

About NUCES ACM ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is the world’s largest computing society, ACM strengthens the profession’s collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence.

 Week Event:



To learn more or for inquiries, please visit or contact:

Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer/Head of USA
1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

MESA Representative Company:
Company Name: Social VR Lab Pvt., Ltd.
HQ Address: Suite-1, 1F, 73-E/1, Gulberg-III, Hali Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact Person: Rukh   


STYLY gives virtual reality workshops at 15 Universities in Pakistan; Empowering the emerging VR markets of Pakistan and India

STYLY is a cloud and browser-based VR editing and distribution service developed by Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd.  It allows its users to explore, expand, and share their imaginations and creativity by building VR content, with no coding or downloads required.  STYLY is a haven where creatives, particularly those in fashion, music, and art, can feel free and confident to unleash the deepest depths of their imaginations.


STYLY official site:               

Psychic VR Lab official site:



          Over 2,000 eager students from 15 different Pakistan universities attended STYLY’s workshops on VR. 

STYLY visited 15 universities in Punjab, Pakistan to promote awareness and knowledge of VR and help an emerging but struggling VR market get on its feet.  Workshops on AR/VR technology, along with STYLY’s VR content creation and distribution service (, were held at each university.


A total of 2,165 students and faculty attended the workshops where they were able to learn about VR and opportunities related to it, create their own VR content using STYLY, and then, largely for the first time, put on a VR headset and experience virtual reality firsthand. 


“Pakistan’s students are bursting with talent, motivation, and potential,” says STYLY’s Chief Alliance Officer, Nausharwan Mir, “but unfortunately, most universities do not yet have any VR courses, labs, or resources. That’s why we came here - to provide the guidance, tools, and gateway for students in Pakistan to unlock their potential and participate in the VR industry, thereby improving their lives, nation, and the overall industry, by using STYLY technology.”


Pakistan has one of the largest populations in the world, ranked 5th overall with 211 million people.  A staggering 60% of the population are youth (under age 30) and the nation’s IT industry has been growing in recent years.  So, not surprisingly, various governments and organizations are investing billions of dollars into Pakistan’s economy.  For instance, with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), China is investing $62 billion to build infrastructure and mass transit in Pakistan, which has been creating a massive boom across all industries.


The VR industry, however, is still in its beginning phase and STYLY is helping provide the foundation.  To continue to help build Pakistan’s VR industry and student community, STYLY already has further visits planned for the near future.  It is also collaborating with universities to establish VR labs, courses, and workshops.





The workshops took place in Punjab, Pakistan from January 17th to 26th.

Full list of universities visited: University of Central Punjab, University of Education, Punjab University of Information Technology (New and Old Campuses), Information Technology University, Virtual University, Hajvery University, Government College University, Superior University, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, University of Management and Technology, University of Engineering and Technology, University of South Asia, National University of Emerging Sciences, and Lahore University of Management Sciences.



To learn more or for any inquiries, please visit or contact:


Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer

1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


STYLY has integrated "Google Poly" API, Now creators can access thousands of 3D models

Psychic VR Lab Inc. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Masahiro Yamaguchi) provides a VR creation and distribution service, "STYLY (”.  A drag-and-drop, cloud and browser-based VR development service that requires no coding, it serves as a gateway for anyone with an imagination to develop VR content.

Up until now, there were already thousands of preset 3D models within STYLY and also a feature which allows users to upload 3D models from 10+ tools, including Blender, Maya, and Sketchup, in order to create their VR scenes. But thanks to this new "Google Poly" API, the amount of content that can be used has increased by thousands, and the scope with which users can explore their creativity in VR environments has thus expanded widely.  



 What is Google Poly?
"Google Poly" is a platform where people can share 3D models.  With this library of assets, users can build VR scenes in other platforms, such as in Google’s ARCore, Apple’s ARKit, and now STYLY.  
Before the API, users had to first download the 3D models from Google Poly and then upload them into STYLY. However, now that entire library can be accessed directly from within STYLY, saving the users time and energy and enabling them to create even richer content.
Official site:
What is STYLY?
STYLY is a cloud and browser-based VR editing and distribution service.  It allows its users to explore and expand their imaginations and creativity by building VR content, with no programming or downloads required.  Creatives, such as those interested in music, art, and fashion, can create and share new worlds and experiences.  Content in STYLY is automatically viewable in all major VR headsets.
STYLY official site:  
What is Psychic VR Lab?
Developed the cloud and browser-based VR development service, "STYLY" (, that allows its users to build and distribute VR space within the browser for free.
STYLY provides a haven where creatives can confidently and freely unleash and explore the deepest depths of their imaginations.

To learn more or for any inquiries, please visit or contact:

Nausharwan Mir, Chief Alliance Officer/Head of USA
1-34-2 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



VRX Conference and Expo 2017

Psychic VR Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo Shinjuku-ku, Representative Director: Seihiro Yamaguchi) plays Silver Sponsor at VRX Conference & Expo 2017 in San Francisco from 7th December to 8th December (Friday) As a result, CAO (Chief Alliance Officer) Mir Nausharwan entered the stage.

VRX Conference & Expo 2017 is one of the world’s largest exhibition of experts, companies and contents on virtual reality (VR) from all over the world.


The content presented in the conference is entire new expression of fashion, art and music by utilizing our service “STYLY”. So, to convey the feelings extensively by placing a focus on each and every detail of designing of fashion, mimic of artwork production and notes captured in music. The method I proposed “The disruptive power of VR in fashion, art, and music” has been entrusted to me for attaining these permanent expressions at their full acceleration is completely demonstrated in the conference.  The day has passed with feedback received by us from the participants. The thought process of combining fashion, art, music with 3D expression is a mark in expressionist techniques of digital era.


STYLY will be fully available to the users from the beginning of the coming year to accelerate the design features for various creators in 3D space.

The detailed material of the conference is below.


STYLY is a VR platform for creators, artists and any user and it only requires a web-browser. The creators can work in VR space with its Web-based Editor by simply using their mouse/mouse-pad clicks without getting into entangled program codes. A user can optimize, customize and distribute their content by importing their works from HTC Vive. Oculus Rift, GearVR, Daydream


The event took place at San Francisco from 7th December to 8th December.



STYLY and Kaleidoscope VR (Hong Kong Community) (aka Global VR / AR Creator Series – Hong Kong Community)  provided workshops on fashion and VR creation platforms in 2017 late October.  The STYLY team shared their knowledge that how an artist can expand the imagination in Virtual World.

STYLY is an easy to use service to build virtual reality graphics for your business or entertainment purposes. STYLY is a new and innovative VR distribution platform for the global market. Once you start using STYLY, you will get to know how easy it is to work on the browser based service to create VR spaces without coding within minutes by a single click. The interface is so easy that you just have to drag and drop things. It supports multiple VR devices like Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, DayDream and Samsung Gear VR .


Kaleidoscope VR is a network for VR Creators, it has a worldwide network of VR creators around the world. It was set up in 2015 in the United States and immediately it drew lots of media attention. In 2017 Mar, its Hong Kong Community has established, it has organized well-received VR events like showcase and forums.  It successfully involved VR creators in Asia, including those from Taiwan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.  In 2017 Q4, the Kaleidoscope VR  (Hong Kong Community) is rebranded as the “Global VR/AR Creator Series” following the global communities’ rebranding exercise.

Here is the list of innovation labs and tertiary institutes where the events took place in Hong Kong:

(1) Salon Media Lab

(2) Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

(3) HKU SPACE   


The event took place at the Hong Kong at 31st October, 2017


Oculus Talk-Building Global Communication

Nausharwan Mir had a talk at the Oculus connect 04 event answering various questions regarding VR and it’s benefits. VR developers from around the globe gathered to share their experiences working within a community of developers to not only create immersive content, but inspire others to join in and support the world of VR.

The objective of the session was to demonstrate the growth and interest in VR around the world and explore how developers and companies can play a larger role in connecting regional developers with some of the bigger names in VR.

"Nausharwan Mir (CAO Psychic VR Lab) introduced STYLY, a new and innovative VR distribution platform for the global market. And explained how easy it is to work on the browser based Service to create VR spaces without coding within minutes with a single click."

There was a Q&A session in the event following many different questions, some of them were:

1.   What’s your experience of VR developers in your country, and what are the challenges they (and you) are facing directly?

2.  Does the spread of VR technology allow us to build a more inclusive medium for new content?

3.  Where are boundaries actively pushed? Are there any barriers and how can we work to overcome them?

4.  How have you seen VR reach intended audiences? What works? What do we need more  to grow the VR audience?

5.  Are we asking the wrong questions about global VR? Should we begin by finding the needs of a various community and building VR around that need? Or should we begin by commercial applications that generate revenue and lead to further resources?


The event took place at the McEnery Convention Centre at Executive Ballroom 210G/H from 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM