San Jose, CA, October 12, 2017

Nausharwan Mir had a talk at the Oculus connect 04 event answering various questions regarding VR and it’s benefits. VR developers from around the globe gathered to share their experiences working within a community of developers to not only create immersive content, but inspire others to join in and support the world of VR.

The objective of the session was to demonstrate the growth and interest in VR around the world and explore how developers and companies can play a larger role in connecting regional developers with some of the bigger names in VR.

The event took place at the McEnery Convention Centre at Executive Ballroom 210G/H from 02:00 PM - 02:50 PM

"Nausharwan Mir (CAO Psychic VR Lab) introduced STYLY, a new and innovative VR distribution platform for the global market. And explained how easy it is to work on the browser based Service to create VR spaces without coding within minutes with a single click."

There was a Q&A session in the event following many different questions, some of them were:


1.      What’s your experience of VR developers in your country, and what are the challenges they (and you) are facing directly?

2.      Does the spread of VR technology allow us to build a more inclusive medium for new content?

3.      Where are boundaries actively pushed? Are there any barriers and how can we work to overcome them?


4.      How have you seen VR reach intended audiences? What works? What do we need more  to grow the VR audience?

5.      Are we asking the wrong questions about global VR? Should we begin by finding the needs of a various community and building VR around that need? Or should we begin by commercial applications that generate revenue and lead to further resources?