How to Resolve Texture Issues in Unity 2017x?

How to Resolve Texture Issues in Unity 2017x?

Hello Everyone!

  • Today we learn that how can we resolve the texture issue that we are faced when we download a character from Mixamo and import it into STYLY via Unity it’s texture not visible to you like showing in the picture.
  • So first step is to select that character prefab and go to the “Inspector” and click on the “Materials”.


  • After clicking on Material now click on “Extract Textures” an window open like this now you have to create and empty folder in this directory.



  • After this now click on Extract Material and select that same folder that you created earlier. Now you can see that the texture is visible to the character.


  • Apply diffuse shadder on it tutorial already available on website you can check that.

  • Now simply upload your character's into STYLY.
    Written by: Zubaira Naz


Written by: Zubaira Naz