How to add bullet in controller? STYLY X PlayMaker

In this tutorial we learn about how we add bullet in the controller through playmaker and then upload it into STYLY.

  •  I took a 3D sphere and made it Bullet. Then I apply yellow shade on it, so it’s looks like Bullet.
  •  After that I added rigid body component on it and also added capsule collider so when it collides to something it will perform specific action. After that I put this bullet into an empty game object named “bullet” and made a prefab of that bullet.


  • After that I selected that bullet and then added an FSM in Playmaker and named that state as Moving forward. I follow this tutorial that already available on STYLY website. I added 2 actions of “add force” and “wait” and set their values that how much force required to a bullet when it move forward and how many second it wait until it destroy. Then I added another state of Dying and set its action as self-destroy.
  • Now we have to set controller Right so it works as gun to fire the bullet. In the previous tutorial we access the controller Right. Now add a transition finished in Setup state. After that I added state waiting for trigger in playmaker by selecting guncontroller_R and added events on it of Global_TriggerPressDown_R and Global_TriggerPressUp. Next I added Transition of Global_TriggerPressDown_R in waiting for trigger state.
  • Next I added new state spawning bullet with a transition from waiting from Trigger. I added action an action of get rotation in the Spawning bullet state and also get the rotation of spawn sphere.  Next i added a state waiting and apply action of "wait" on it and set the value of wait to 0.2.


  •  After that I added another action of create object and drag Bullet prefab in Game Object option.


  • After that I Uploaded my complete prefab of shooting gun game in STYLY. 


  • I simply drag my scene of shooting gun game from "My Models" in STYLY. And then publish it and test it through HTC Vive its working. I can fire bullet from my Gun.
 Please Look at the tutorial video for better Understanding.

Please Look at the tutorial video for better Understanding.

Please make sure you add the name "spawnPoint" in the Get Child action. I forgot to do that part at 6:15 of the video.

For URDU or HINDI version of this tutorial, please click here.



Written by: Zubaira Naz