How to open STYLY editor


STYLY is a tool for virtual reality that helps a user with solutions for their visuals with 3D objects editable without requiring a single line of code. Go to STYLY web-page.Click on the EDITOR tab.


A separate web-browser tab would be launched. Now you just have to click on Launch STYLY Editor option button.


This will take you to the STYLY Editor.


Once the Editor is loaded you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up you can either create a scene or use the scene you have created. As it requires no downloading at the same time it provides auto-save mode on cloud-space.


As this blog is about demonstrating the Post Effects of STYLY Editor therefore it is named so. One you have your scene you can click on the Assets option in the top-right of you screen.


You can see the default option set on the left translucent screen of the window. You can remove them if you do not need them. This is the viewport of STYLY, you can create your own scenes with the help of built-in object listed under Assets at the top left corner or you can import 3D files from your favourite software.