How to rotate objects in STYLY

You can rotate your 3D objects in STYLY.  Rotation refers to the spinning of an object. A change in the position of a 3D object in three-dimensional space can be completely specified by three coordinates. It is a combination of translational motion and rotational motion occurring at the same time and the same position. Rotating an object in 3D coordinates is a change in the position of the object in the xy, and z-axes simultaneously.

The ROTATE feature [shortcut: “E” on the keyboard] of STYLY allows you to do this. It provides you with a set of rotational circles.  The circles specify the spins of the objects along three axes. Just left click on the circumference allows the user to have rotational features applied to the object.

Open STYLY editor or click here to learn how to use STYLY editor.

Once the Editor is loaded, you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up, you can either create a scene or use a scene you have already created. It requires no download and at the same is automatically saved in the cloud space. You can either create a scene or go to a previously created scene.

Once the scene is loaded, you can select a 3D object.

Then, after pressing the W key, you will see circles. These circles specify the rotation of the object.

Particularly, the red circle is for rotating the 3D object horizontally (along the x-axis).

The green circle is for rotating it vertically (along the y-axis).

And the blue circle is for rotating it along the z-axis.

When you press and hold on one of the circles it would change its color to yellow and let you rotate the object with respect to its axis. The object is rotated in three coordinates.


So, with this set of circles STYLY provides, you can rotate your object(s) to any coordinate(s) you'd like.

Thanks, STYLY users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you create something with this technique, please be sure to post your comments.