How to rotate objects in STYLY

Using STYLY Editor, you can spin and rotate objects three-dimensionally. This is something that needs to be done when positioning objects in a scene. 

The position of an object in three-dimensional space can be specified in three coordinates. These are represented simply as X, Y, Z axes. The three axes are also color coded: red, green, and blue.

Select an object and press the ā€˜Eā€™ shortcut on your keyboard to bring up the rotation view. You can also do this by clicking on the Move/Rotate/Scale icon to toggle through the three modes.

How to rotate objects in STYLY1.png

A set of three rotational circles will appear when in rotation view. Clicking and dragging each of these circles will enable you to rotate the object along the X, Y, or Z axes (ie., red, green, or blue).   Each axis circle will turn yellow when selected.

How to rotate objects in STYLY2.png

Remember W, E, R are the three keyboard shortcut keys to move, rotate, & scale. We recommend that you get a good grip on these shortcuts so that you can quickly and easily manipulate objects within STYLY Editor

Here's a video tutorial to help you understand the concept.

To watch this tutorial in URDU/HINDI, please click here.

Thanks, STYLY users! We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you create something with this technique, please be sure to post your comments.