How to scale objects in STYLY

You can specify the size and dimensions for your 3D objects in STYLY.  You can set the dimension/size of the object to fit the overall layout of your visual design.

Dimension scale changes the size of the 3D object. Dimension scale affects the sizes with arrowheads for height, length, and width. You can also use the square pinned to the scale to control the overall scale and dimensions displayed in the layout view. These changes can be performed both separately or together.

The active object that is subjected to size change is the one selected and shown as highlighted.

Open STYLY editor or click here to learn how to use STYLY editor.

Once the Editor is loaded, you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up, you can either create a scene or use a scene you have already created. It requires no download and at the same is automatically saved in the cloud space. You can either create a scene or go to a previously created scene.

Once the scene is loaded, you can select a 3D object.

Then, after pressing the R key, you will see four square boxes. The white box at the origin point is there for proportional resizing.

The red square box is for resizing the 3D object horizontally (along the X-axis)

The yellow square box is for resizing the of 3D object vertically (along with the Y-axis).

The blue square box is for resizing the 3D object along the Z-axis.

When you press and hold on one of the arrows it would change its color to yellow and let you manipulate the object's size with respect to its axis. You can scale object's size with exact proportions by clicking and holding the center box.

Similarly, you can select another object and scale the object according to your preferences.

Thanks, STYLY users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you create something with this technique, please be sure to post your comments.