How to scale objects in STYLY

It is easy to adjust the size of 3D objects in STYLY Editor. You can shrink or enlarge an object while keeping the same aspect scale. Alternatively, you can squeeze and stretch it to suit your needs. 

To begin, open STYLY Editor (click here to learn how to open STYLY)

You will be greeted with the initial pop up window after the Editor has loaded. From here, you can create a new scene or continue with one that you created previously. Create a new scene or load one from before.  Everything that you do is saved in real time in the cloud space.


Select an object and press the R key. This will bring up the scaling view. You will see four square boxes.


When you press and hold on one of the arrows it would change its color to yellow and let you manipulate the object's size with respect to its axis. You can scale object's size with exact proportions by clicking and holding the center box.

First, try increasing & decreasing the size of the object while maintaining the aspect ratio. The white box at the origin point is there for proportional resizing. Click on the white box and drag your mouse up and down (or right and left).


Then, try to stretch or squeeze the object at only one axis.

Click the X, Y, or Z box and drag your mouse. The red square box is for resizing the 3D object horizontally (along the X-axis), the yellow box is for resizing vertically, (along with the Y-axis), and the blue one is for resizing along the Z-axis.


Remember W/E/R are the three keyboard shortcut keys to move, rotate, & scale. We recommend that you get a good grip on these shortcuts so that you can quickly and easily manipulate objects within STYLY Editor.

Here's a video tutorial to help you understand the concept.

To watch this tutorial in URDU/HINDI, please click here.

Thanks, STYLY users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. Please keep sending us your comments, questions, and creations!