How to use Soundcloud with STYLY

SoundCloud is web-based storage of audio soundtracks allowing creators of music and audio content to easily embed the soundtracks with their creative expressions. This audio content distribution platform is an amazing internet opportunity for a creator to transform an audio track in a new and creative way.

As SoundCloud is also a social network where a user can follow, like and share tracks with other users. This is an opportunity for an artist to get recognition from a worldwide audience in real time.

Importing SoundCloud track to STYLY gives you access to tools of STYLY editor to create a pictorial display. The very imagery at your heart behind the vocal presentation of your track can be done without stressful codes. This can be attained by drag, drop, click and publish features of STYLY editor.

A user who is not having filming of the track nor have studio software experts because of the monetary cost that comes with it. Now it is possible to express the visual on user’s mind for the track you have been thinking overnights and days to get on the air. You can start it with the help of a web-browser.

Go to STYLY web-page.Click on the EDITOR tab.


A separate web-browser tab would be launched. Now you just have to click on Launch STYLY Editor option button.


This will take you to the STYLY Editor.


Once the Editor is loaded you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up you can either create a scene or use the scene you have created. As it requires no downloading at the same time it provides auto-save mode on cloud-space.


As this blog is about demonstrating the Post Effects of STYLY Editor therefore it is named so. One you have your scene you can click on the Assets option in the top-right of you screen.


You can see the default option set on the left translucent screen of the window. You can remove them if you do not need them.When you click on the Assets option it would pop-up an insert Asset window.

Then click on the music tab.


Go to SoundCloud tab.


Enter keywords for your track and click on the search button.


.The track will be displayed, now click on to Insert tab.


The track will be added to the scene.


Thanks, SoundCloud users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you create some distinctive imports with this technique please be sure to post your comments.