How to use viewpoint in STYLY

The viewpoint operation allows you to change the point of view within a given scene in STYLY.  Here, we need not be limited to only being able to view a scene or object from one possible point of view; with STYLY the number of possible viewpoints is nearly infinite.

The viewpoint can easily be altered with the mouse and keyboard, thus lowering the burden of several lines of code that would otherwise be required.

Open STYLY editor or click here to learn how to use STYLY editor.

Once the Editor is loaded, you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up, you can either create a scene or use a scene you have already created. It requires no download and at the same is automatically saved in the cloud space. You can either create a scene or go to a previously created scene.

Once the scene is loaded, you can select a 3D object.

To Focus on the selected object, click the F key on the keyboard.

By mouse right-clicking and dragging, you can change the viewpoint of 3D objects.

It can be changed to orbit View Point by holding ALT + left mouse button + dragging.


Scrolling with the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out.

To reset to the original (default) viewpoint, simply click on the eye icon on the right which says, 'reset position'.

Thanks, STYLY users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you create something with this technique, please be sure to post your comments.