How to use viewpoint in STYLY

You can change the point of view within any given scene by adjusting the viewpoint in STYLY Editor. This allows you to view a scene or object from any angle.  The viewpoint can be changed easily using your mouse and keyboard - without the need for any coding.

To begin, open STYLY Editor (click here to learn how to open STYLY)

You will be greeted with the initial pop up window after the Editor has loaded. From here, you can create a new scene or continue with one that you created previously. Go ahead and create a new scene or load one from before.  Everything that you do is saved in real time in the cloud space.

First, select an object in the scene by clicking on it. (Objects may also be selected by from the list of assets on the left.) 


To focus perspective on the object, click the F key on your keyboard. This will bring it into central view.


To change the viewpoint up/down/left/right, click and hold the right mouse button, then drag the mouse.

To zoom in and out, scroll using the scroll wheel on your mouse. This can also be done by dragging two fingers across a notebook touchpad.


To orbit around the object, press and hold the left mouse button + ALT.  Dragging the mouse will now move around the object in all 3 dimensions.



If at any time you wish to return to the original (default) viewpoint, click on the 'reset position' eye icon to the right.

Here's a video tutorial to help you understand the concept.

To watch this tutorial in URDU/HINDI, please click here.

Thanks, STYLY users! We hope you have found this tutorial useful. We’re looking forward to seeing what’ve created. Please free to post any questions and comments.