How to import Youtube videos in STYLY

In STYLY a user or a designer can have video visuals importing from “Youtube” enabling them to create visual 3D modeling effects on digital videos of “youtube”. Every video captured cannot have a shot that is perfectly exposed to focus. So STYLY provides a feature to import “youtube” videos to its platform where you can apply all the available editing options and can even have a 3D view or VR view for the video. Customizing “youtube” videos according to specific requirements gives a creator a way to personalize the content of digital videos.

Go to STYLY web-page.Click on the EDITOR tab.


A separate web-browser tab would be launched. Now you just have to click on Launch STYLY Editor option button.


This will take you to the STYLY Editor.


Once the Editor is loaded you can see a pop-up window. Using the two options on the pop-up you can either create a scene or use the scene you have created. As it requires no downloading at the same time it provides auto-save mode on cloud-space.


A pop-up window will be displayed go to Image/Gallery tab.


You can see the default option set on the left translucent screen of the window. You can remove them if you do not need them.When you click on the Assets option it would pop-up an insert Asset window.

Then click on the Video tab tab.


There is search videos option in YouTube tab. You can type in keywords and click search button to get YouTube videos.


You can go to Youtube and paste the url directly here.


Now you can select a Video Frame in the STYLY Editor.


Youtube video is successfully imported to STYLY.

Thanks, Youtube users. We hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you import some distinctive videos with this technique please be sure to post your comments.