Creating VR Apps Using Styly VR with Michael Waite - SoundCloud

Listen to a great conversation with Michael Waite, Styly Global Manager, about his personal experiences with VR, the philosophy of Styly, how to create VR experiences using Styly and the future of Virtual Reality. You can listen to the podcast here.

1. Tell us a bit about your background.
2. How did you get into VR? What was your first experience like?
3. What’s your favorite VR experience as of today and why?
4. Tell us about Styly. What is it? How does it work?
5. Who’s your target market for Styly?
6. You have a Styly plugin for Unity. How does that work?
7. What’s the workflow using Styly for creating a VR experience?
8. Currently, your VR Viewer app only works with the Vive, when will it work with the Rift? How do we test, currently, for non Vive HMDs?
9. Do you have an asset store for importing 3D graphics? Or what 3D apps can it work with?
10. Can you easily add 360-degree videos in a Styly scene?
11. Your website states that Styly is a new and innovative VR distribution platform. What do you mean by distribution platform?
12. You guys are based in Japan. What’s the VR market like in Japan?
13. What’s the future hold for Styly? What’s the ultimate goal of Styly?
14. Describe what VR will be like in the year 2025. It can be what you think it will be and/or what you’d like it to be.