Psychic VR Lab, in collaboration with PARCO, Loftwork Pioneer the design of new expression and experiences of 3D space utilizing STYLY

Started experiment project / community "NEW VIEW"

Psychic VR Lab (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Masahiro Yamaguchi) which provides VR creative platform "STYLY (", in collaboration with PARCO (Tokyo Toshima), and Loftwork (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), started an experiment project / community "NEW VIEW" to exploit the design of new expression and experiences in3D space. On January 22, they published the web site (

Tag line of NEW VIEW is, “DESIGN YOUR ULTRA EXPERIENCE” (= Design super experience!). With the development of technology, the world of expression will head to the rich area of 3D leading from two dimensional to the real world. For near future, this attempt aims to pursue new expressions and discover and to nurture the next generation creators.

NEWVIEW is designing spaces and experiences by expanding the field of expression to 3D by creators who embody culture in various fields such as fashion, music, video, graphics, and illustrations. They’re setting up experiments to create the next generation culture experience (super experience) that freely moves between real space and creative space.


As the first activity of the project, they hold a meetup event to discover and train creators in February 2018 in Tokyo, Spain, Taiwan and Thailand. Prior to holding the event, works of 3D spaces by more than 10 creators who have decided to participate in this project in advance will be released.

 Five work created by STEREO TENNIS (graphic artist / illustrator), Ishida Masumi (photographer), Densuke the 28 (visual writer), Akira Otsuki (video director / visual writer), and Ei Erima (graphic artist / art director) is opened to the public, at the time of January 22nd. Other works will be published from now on.

Creator participated in the project

STEREO TENNIS (graphic artist / illustrator), Ishida Masumi (photographer), Kono Masaaki (art director / graphic designer / photo director), Ogetsu Sato (video director / video writer), Ei Erima (graphic artist / art director) , Takakura Kazuki (illustrator), Murata Riki (artist), Eto Ryuuyo (CG artist), Sanuki Naoya (illustrator / cartoonist), NooQ (animation writer / illustrator), Shimada Daisuke (video writer / photographer / art Director), Kim Sung He (Chandelier Artist), VIDEOTAPEMUSIC (Video Director / Musician), Densuke the28 (Movie Writer), Colliu (Artist)

Additional schedule to be added soon.  * In no particular order


The roles of the 3 companies in this project are the followings.

Co., Ltd. Psychic VR Lab, Providing technical support and tool ‘STYLY’ to create 3D space


STYLY is the project design platform for NEWVIEW. It's a free platform that allows you to design VR experiences on a web browser. With justc a few clicks, you an easily share your experiences to the world on the web. You don't need to code at all. All you have to do is drag and drop objects. Psychic VR Lab is providing technical support and the tool ‘STYLY’ for this project.

STYLY Official Site:

Loftwork, support Communication Design

In this project, Loftwork supports a series of communication designs such as concept formulation, project / community design, production direction, event planning.

PARCO, Offering a offline place of expression
Since the birth of PARCO in 1969, PARCO actively introduces various cultures such as music, art, theater, while focusing on fashion, and will discover and support various new talents. Shibuya PARCO which renewal opens in the fall of 2019 aims to create a new shopping experience using 3 dimensional space with the next generation creators excavated in this project. In this project, they will support creators by providing a place of expression for offline.

Future Plans

AWARD will also be held in the spring of 2018

In spring of 2018, AWARD will be held to recruit the VR space expressed using creators from around the world using STYLY, and honoring the content that produced the most new expression and experience.

By honoring outstanding VR content, we will not only aim for improvement of willingness of creator's creative works, but also will hold as a place to create and penetrate an unprecedented culture of new space expression using VR.

This AWARD agrees with the purpose of planning and is looking for companies that can cooperate with sponsors. If you are interested, please contact us below.


Project overview
Organizer: NEWVIEW PROJECT(Psychic VR Lab / PARCO / Loftwork)

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